The Director's Message

The successful institutions do not just happen as everyone knows. A lot of toil and sacrifice goes into building such learning centres, at Paradise College of Education. We work towards moulding our students into professional personalities so that in the future they can mould the personalities of their students. Our main focus is to provide a variety of learning experiences to our students, so they can face the challenges of present day society boldly and intelligently. More attention is paid to develop their reflective and innovative thinking so that they can make present system more effective. Here our emphasis is not only on theoretrical stuffing but to develop students personalities from all aspects

Our aim is to make students ready to face the challenges of today's competitive world with moral uprightness. The institute shapes individuals who can give to the society as much as they can as a teacher.
Tu shaheen hai..... Parwas hai kaam tere,
tere saamne aasman aur bhi hain
Dr. Alka Gupta
Paradise College of Education, Jalandhar